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Theodora Tech

Data specialists
to empower your
business It’s a jungle out there: Becoming Data Driven. Migrating to the Cloud. Delivering your first Machine Learning use case. It’s enough to make your head spin! But we’re here for you. What we do
Data specialists to empower your business It’s a jungle out there: Becoming Data Driven. Migrating to the Cloud. Delivering your first Machine Learning use case. It’s enough to make your head spin! But we’re here for you. What we do

What we do

Our world revolves
around data

Data Engineering

Your organization has data, and lots of it. We ensure that it’s made available to your analytics stack with modern technology and methodology.

  • ELT
  • Scalability
  • Data Governance
  • DataOps
  • Cloud Architecture

Machine Learning Engineering

Everybody loves their Machine Learning models! But how valuable are they to you and your customers if they’re not in production? As ML Engineers, we take you from quick and dirty proofs-of-concept to scalable ML applications.

  • Deployment
  • Observability
  • AB test
  • Scalability
  • Continuous Improvement

Business Intelligence

Your metrics and KPIs deserve the royal treatment! We assist you in identifying and implementing them in a modern analytics stack that will help you make those business-critical decisions. We happily perform pilot studies, streamline your dashboards experience and operationalize data from your production systems.

  • Insights
  • Dashboarding
  • Data-drivenness

Data Science

Data is worth nothing - insights are worth everything! As Data Scientists, we work with you to get the most out of your data, be it through classical statistics, big data analytics or bleeding-edge Machine Learning modeling. We bring it to life!

  • Modeling
  • Algorithms
  • Metrics
  • Dashboards
  • Data Storytelling

Tech Leadership

Your data exists in every corner of your organization. Making it understandable (and enjoyable!) for everyone from your engineers to your board of directors is at the heart of what we do. We know that the shortest path to success in the Information Age is through data and we are happy to take the lead in your tech teams and analytics initiatives to achieve just this.

    About us

    We love people
    and tech

    Theodora Tech supports with guidance, leadership and tech throughout the entire process - from decision making to implementation. We want you to feel the difference when Theodora Tech is around. Whether you need us for your core business or for an exciting new venture - we’re here for you.

    Theodora Tech has worked with a wide variety of clients of different sizes and in different business areas: We’ve built AI-based recommendation systems for a rapidly growing start-up, we provided the foundation for data-driven decision making at a government agency, and we’re transforming the analytics stack for one of Sweden’s most renowned digital services in the housing market. And that’s just naming a few.

    This matters to us

    Power to All

    We run our company together. No really, we do! There are no managers. We encourage self-leadership and initiative. We commit to shaping Theodora Tech together - from the big to the small. What are we doing for Friday’s AW? What should our salaries be? We celebrate our victories as a team. And we learn from our setbacks as a team. We believe it makes us stronger.

    Freedom of Choice

    We are our own most important assets, and so we want the freedom to steer Theodora Tech in a direction that works for us. We want to be able to choose fun and challenging consultancy gigs. We want to be able to explore new startup ideas and have the freedom to choose how to spend our time. And sometimes we just want to have fun. To do this, we reinvest our profit in ourselves instead of having shareholders who want return on their investments.

    Zero Overtime

    We have a vision of zero overtime. When we’re at work, we’re a 100% present. And when we’re not, we’re enjoying life with the few other things that are important besides Data. We do this through expectation management with our clients, and we value our work internally within Theodora Tech equally to our billable time. To us, a working week should be no more than 40 hours.

    Impact on Surroundings

    We encourage and support that passion project of yours that makes the world just a little bit better. Theodora Tech has and should have a positive impact on our surroundings - for the people who work here, the people we meet, our clients, our society and the Globe.

    The history of Theodora
    Year 548

    Theodora, the empress

    Our name is Theodora - both because we think it’s a pretty name and because Theodora was a highly influential and independent woman in the Roman times. She was empress as well as main advisor to her emperor husband. She helped many other people through guiding him. She came from nothing and became an important figure of her time by being wise, brave and full of initiative. That’s what we aim to be too.

    Theodora, the empress (wife of Justinian I)
    Year 2020

    Theodora Tech

    We wanted to shape Theodora Tech as a company where we ourselves would want to work. To our minds it’s simple: Consultants that enjoy a strong foundation at their consulting company make great contributions to their clients.


    Theodora Tech is part of Skoj Innovation. Skoj means Fun in Swedish and that’s precisely what we’re aiming for. The idea behind Skoj is to promote innovation that is novel, challenging and makes the world a little brighter. As part of Skoj we’re proud to be able to contribute to the Fun.

    Everyone at Theodora Tech is encouraged to explore their opportunities within Skoj, be it by forming a Task Force to take time off “regular” work and devote themselves to an idea or by exchanging knowledge and experiences with likeminded people outside of Theodora Tech. Our goal is to find revolutionizing and exciting innovations, and to this end we have created an Innovation Program. We’re happy to tell you more!

    Visit Skoj at https://skojinnovation.se.

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    We’re looking for friendly people with a knack for engineering and a passion for data. Interested in working with us? Let’s get in touch!



    Happy to
    meet you

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